Founded in 2022 by Aaron Reynders, Jaap Nieboer and Marc Francois. TRIVICK strives to become one of the most innovative data and cloud hosting solutions companies in the industry.

TRIVICK aims to be the best tech partner for companies in any industry by focusing on innovation, quality and durable solutions for our clients.

TRIVICK develops, hosts and operates flexible data management processes customised for medium and large companies.

TRIVICK does not believe in purely transactional relationships; we want to develop long-lasting partnerships with our clients to achieve a higher standard of servicing and durable solution-orientated processes.

TRIVICK introduces the future of data into the business of our clients.

Global capital

TRIVICK has the unique capacity to be flexible and adaptive towards any business challenge it might face due to our global pool of resources and expertise. With a few clicks, we can add experience and knowledge to any project.

Industry leading experience

TRIVICK has a plethora of experts with over 25 years of experience in their respective fields, which permits us to gain an in-depth understanding of our clients to deliver the best tailor-made solutions on the market.

Innovative vision

TRIVICK has the unique ability to bring youthful ingenuity and approach, combined with experienced insight and understanding, to deliver realistic, innovative business proposals.

Centralisation vs. De-centralisation

The need for more productivity

In a modern business environment, de-centralised third parties can often cause problems for stakeholders. De-centralised services frequently lead to:

  • A diminishment in productive communication between third parties that work for one combined service or solution
  • A reduction in incident response time due to different grades of experience
  • A lack of cost-efficient solutions due to base-line requirements for multiple third parties

Take advantage of TRIVICK’s ability to centralise all solutions with our extensive portfolio of services and the necessary expertise to bring these to a satisfactory outcome.

We are trivick


Aaron Reynders Managing
Jaap Nieboer Advisor and Sales
Marc Francois Advisor and Senior


Our Ambition

At Trivick, we are constantly exploring new horizons. For us, innovation is synonymous with business continuity: We are driven by a relentless search to improve the quality of existing services and solutions for our clients.

Our Mission

In our work, we act according to the following principles:
→ Quality without Compromise
→ High Standards at Reasonable Costs
→ Efficiency and Security in Practice

Our Vision

We want to become one of the most innovative data solutions companies.
We want to introduce the future of data into today’s IT landscape for the successful business of our clients.

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